The American Un-Idol Scott Stratten sings about Facebook

For all those wonderful “social media experts” out there, Scott Stratten has a message for you about facebook. I loved it so much I’m posting it here, making it officially ripped off.

I most definitely feel Scott’s pain with app invites, farmville, mafia wars, notices to attend a local event in a country I don’t even live in…. Anyway on to the next Un-Amercian Idol


2 Responses to “The American Un-Idol Scott Stratten sings about Facebook”

  1. Walton Wagner the Mafia Wars Cheats Guy Says:

    I play some of these games but there are some I dont….On the ones I dont play I have on hide….makes it simpler and doesn’t hurt a friends feelings….I also don’t send game gifts to those who dont play because thats as annoying as spam e-mails.

  2. Ashley Says:

    This is really funny. I believe too many people go crazy over it.

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