Creative Uses of Twitter

Since most of my sales come from people finding out about me on the online social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a million others. One of the most used is Twitter. I think mostly because it is short, to the point and it makes you think about what you are going to say. On the other side people are more apt to get your “elevator pitch” of what you are up to received in an easier manner. I know I’m often told I can make a short story long myself. :)   I’ll be doing posts on the other networks later, but Twitter seemed like the best start.

Now for me I use twitter to connect with people I have interest in and to push out free creativity tips. I see others now doing that now as well, or have been. Nothing new under the sun I guess. But what intrigued me to start this thread of posts was that a single vehicle of communication is used in a myriad of ways. Many share common thoughts, others have no connection at all to how others are using the program.

Before you say it, yes I could have done a search on Twitter, but then that would have been me telling you what is a creative use of Twitter. Which I’m happy to do at a future date. But for now, I put out a call for you all to tell me what you think is creative, and here’s the list. Although I did cut some twitter names out, they were really NOT creative uses. Got more for me to post? Send ‘em in.

So, on with the show… er, wait a minute. I’m @garyunger for those of you about to read.

Basic Categories:


@Palacinkabeauty Beauty tips and related. NOTABLE: Also uses Twitter posts to keep track of previous URL’s as a cataloging system. This way, they don’t have a hundred thousand bookmarks to search for in their own browser, they can simply go to their Twitter account and do a search for “that topic.”

@TantraPM ummmm, tantric sex tips and links.

@Organizedaily Tips on how to be more ogranizde.

@Promotioncodedotorg Promotion codes for discounts, free stuff, misc.

@Askastripper Just like it says.


@publiside Each post leads to another. Great PR. Lots of sports items.

@DrWright1 Posts segments of her show TV show.

@Encouragement4u Creative uses for the letters in your name. Has a book.

@Startmysong Free songs and article links.

@bondgyrl Music PR and misc.

@Rathacat Twits from fictional characters from her book.

@Rocketman46 Publishing, movie, book tips and links.

@Holidayworld Theme park updates and news.

@mccPR Public Relations etc.

@ccarfi Social Media Guru. Well apart from me. But then again who isn’t these days.


@klauher Most posts point to more info on blog. Great basic info for using social media. Pocasts!

@ThatPassionGuy Interviews and links.

@LSATtweet Tips on the LSAT test.

@Sciencechannel Links, updates, TV shows, etc. (Discovery Channels). I love the fact that a TV Network is tweeting about its shows. I think channels should develop a tweet for reminders about special shows and such. Great links and info.

@check_MD Check in on if your Doctor has disciplinary actions against them, and misc. info.

@PrivusMobile Mobile phone links, info, apps.

@PoiPriestess Fire dancing. And I was told not to play with fire. :)


@Audiobible Links, updates and of course the audio Bible. I’m really surprised there were not more religious Twitter profiles submitted.


@MarketstreetDFW Food!

Twittertastelive Wine!


@DingoWannabe LOL! posts from a dog. Dog lovers would like this.


@Mdurwin Misc. tips, links, info. I had a few emails back and forth with this guy. He can’t be very specific with some Twitter account he’s managed for clients, but as a fellow advertising junky. I’d say check him out.


Creative Uses of Twitter Links collected by others of creative Twitter users.

10 Examples Links collected by others of creative Twitter users.

Radio Article Blog on how a radio station used Twitter

*on a side note, when I sent out a request on the PR services and received emails from people I noticed that about 2/3′s of the respondents did not have a link to their Twitter page in their email. So I had to ask for them. Is Twitter embarrasing?


2 Responses to “Creative Uses of Twitter”

  1. Dawn Quesnel Says:

    Hi Gary,

    One of my client’s sent me your blog and I wanted to comment on your post regarding creative ways for using twitter or a blog. I recommend a great resource of creative samples done by one of my radio sponsors see this page for examples

    When you arrive at this page click on creating viral content (it’s a 3 minute audio giving examples) then below that click on the video which is one of my favorite “You Oughta Know About InBound Marketing” I think it’s really creative and fun. I hope you enjoy it. Hubspot our sponsor also has a wealth of resources, including a free special report called “the state of twitter” on my site a few shows down under “Got Goals”

    Coach DQ
    Dawn Quesnel

  2. Clare Bell (@rathacat) Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for including me ( @rathacat on Twitter ). I hope your readers enjoy the Tweets from the Ratha series characters. Some of the ClanChirps are little stories.

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