“I wish” gets their wish: Post follow up.

If you’ll look in the older posts, you’ll see a post called “I wish.” In that post I sent out a question through some publicity channels asking if people wanted to state what they wished they were more creative at. The idea is that generally if you write something down you are more apt to actually do it. And I’m all for encouraging people to try. I posted a little over 30 replies ranging from wanting to be more creative at music, parenting, sex and meeting people.

A little while after that post I got an email from Sian Lindemann who coaches people to be more creative at problem solving and building business. She offered to those posters a free 15 minute coaching session with her where she could help them see opportunities for success in their “I wish.” Recently Sian and I got together on the phone and talked about the responses and any success stories. Here are two that you may be interested in that Sian emailed me:

Marcus is a car enthusiast, and builds rather unique custom cars, for himself and for others. He has one unique consideration, he is deaf and he is legally blind. His physical disabilities have not stopped him however, and he has gone forward to create a Vocational School, under a Foundation that will teach “at risk” kids his vocation, of car mechanics. Now this part is so cool…I have an artist named Lucretia Torva who paints hot rod cars and motorcycles, in a “painting” format as custom portraits of avid car collectors.

And interestingly Lucretia gifted Jay Leno with one of her original paintings some time ago. Mr. Leno was so impressed that he called her personally to thank her and to ask her if there was anything that he could do for her.

We are currently in talks to have both Mr. Simmons and Lucretia Torva featured on The Tonight Show to promote this new business alliance, where Lucretia’s custom car portraits can be sold and a significant % of the proceeds can go to fund Marcus Simmons’ Foundation for the kids.
Patricia is another who responded to the free consultation.  Patricia is a writer, a nun, a psychologist and is an advisor to the Dr. Phil show, based in New York. The great news is that she too, followed up on the free offer, and with another book pending, we have already secured a publishing deal for her and have introduced her to another contact, Barry Spilchuk, Author of CUP OF SOUP FOR THE SOUL, the second book written in the Chicken Soup series, and he, too, is interested in Patricia’s book.

You just never know what will happen if you follow up on a FREE offer. I was not out to sell these individuals on some expensive program.


With that type of success based on a free fifteen minute phone call, what would have happened if you called. Sian wants to offer you fifteen minutes with her again. No up-sell, no strings, no bait and switch, no nothing… free fifteen minutes from someone who can help you. And if I were you, I’d take it. Fifteen minutes with me would cost you a few hundred.

Call or email Sian

Sian Lindemann
Monument, Colorado, USA


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