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Fun Social Network Questions

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

• If Twitter says I can communicate with only 140 characters, why are more than 3,000,000 characters communicating?

• If it’s MySpace, why don’t I get part of MyAdRevenue?

• How long do you have to tumble to become a Tumblr?

• If LinkedIn has technical problems, does that make me “off the chain?”

• If I don’t follow Oprah on Twitter, does that make me a sinner?

• Can I tow my YouTube behind my boat?

• I claim the TV room as MySpace!

• If I’m not found on Mashable, am I unmashable?

• If Ashton Kutcher avoids the Paparazi why does he want so many people following him on Twitter?

• Can I Twitter around MySpace before I find a good place to read my Facebook?

• If my video gets leaked on YouTube does GoodYear have a patch I can use?

• Why do I need LinkedIn if I already know the person?

• Shouldn’t Facebook be called NonFaceTime?

• FriendFeed? My friends eat half my refrigerator already!

• Is is possible to Twitter to the Choir?

• Ecademy? Isn’t that the movie with all the goofy police officers?

• MySpace, I’ve been there, its like Times Square right?

• Can I Twitter high enough to get my BrightKite untangled?

• If I Google my own name, is that Googlebation?

• No I don’t Flickr! For one I don’t pick my nose and two I’d use a tissue!

• If Twitter is “follow for follow,” is that like the blind leading the blind?

• Do I need a pump for my YouTube?

• In MySpace no one can hear you Twitter.

• How long would my YouTube air last in MySpace?

• How come the networking guru’s don’t have as many followers as me?

• Does my boss give a twit if I Tweet?

• My BrighKite string broke and it flew into MySpace.

• I over Tweet so now I’m on Tweet ‘n Low.

• Yeah I’ve been FaceBook’d. I told the police I wasn’t anywhere near the crime scene!

• Blogging, isn’t that what the CIA does to Terrorists to get information?

• Does my Amazon book ranking affect my social networking score?

…that’s all folks! fer now.