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Book Review: The Stapler Caper

Monday, November 10th, 2008

It is one thing to teach adults how to be creative it is another to teach children. Children don’t come with experiences in hand to refer to. But children are very eager to “make things up” as they want them to be, I think it is the driving force to our nature, but for some reason we kill that nature as we get older. Cindy Ray’s book “The Stapler Caper” is a great encouragement to independent thinking for children. Our schools and teaching systems don’t generally allow for children to retain independent thoughts and perspectives to move ahead in life, instead they encourage wrote memory and doctrine. “The Stapler Caper” is a great big breathe of hope for creative encouragement and a whole new generation of thinkers. My own children were excited to see that they could interact with a book, not only just reading or solving a problem but inventing the story from beginning to end. I’m hoping it will help them see more of what my own book is about and the things I try and teach them, but then again, to them I’m just “dad.”  Cindy’s book is a great idea well executed and inviting to jump start children who may not know where to start. And starting is half the battle. Great book!

I encourage you to get Cindy’s book for your young child. (and one of mine for yourself :)

The Stapler Caper is available online at or by calling toll free 877-596-7257.