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Self help, with a little help.

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I’m here to help. That’s why I wrote the book and why I do the blog. And sometimes people just need to see themselves in writing in order to actually do what seems so “undoable” because of time, money or whatever else you can think up to not do something. Below are reader submissions on things they’d like to be more creative at. If you feel inclined, write a comment of encouragement or advice on what you did to conquer that same item. Or remind them to buy my book on the whole creativity subject! ;)

I wish I was more creative at finding creative ways to express myself! -Alaia

I was more creative at improvising the blues on my guitar. I suck.  I can only play one riff.  My brain goes blank, and my fingers “get dead.” –Patti

I wish I was more creative with my hairstyles. –Antoinette

I wish I were more creative at finding ways to be more assertive without sounding apologetic or wimpy. –Patricia

I wish I were more creative at communicating with an engineer husband. –Kyle

I wish I was more creative at cool ways to say I love you to my husband without being corny! –Diana

I wish I was more creative at pitching the media. –Thomas

I wish I was more creative at saying no to people, especially volunteering. Isn’t volunteering supposed to make you feel good? I wish I was more creative at turning my one business into 5 profitable businesses. –Margot

I wish I was more creative at digital scrapbooking, because I didn’t even know it existed before yesterday, and I could make my blog all pretty and stuff without hiring a fancy expensive designer-type person! –Vivien

I wish I was more creative in the way I dress.  The ‘inner diva’ is completely masked by ‘clean cut’ and ‘proper’.  Ugh! –Tanya

I wish I was more creative at…lying.  Sometimes you just have to be, because the truth is painful (yes, those pants do make you look fat, because everything does, because you are fat) or inconvenient (I don’t want to go to your party because I don’t like you). My lies are never believable.  I promise to use this power only for good. –Shirley

I wish to be more creative in doing detail work on show cars. As you probably know, show vehicles are works of art more than automobiles. Competition in this field is heavy with blank check owner paying builders to perform. I need to reach that level of activity with my disabilities. This should get everyone’s attention. –Marcus

I wish I were more creative at music, specifically composing songs. I have always been a lover of the arts–I’m an author and poet, and was a visual artist when I had my eyesight–but I’m not an artist in the music field, and I truly wish I could be talented at composing songs, so I could compose beautiful melodies that can go well with my poems, which can be the lyrics. –Shirley

I wish I was more creative at answering the common “hey, how are you” bit without blowing the person off or going into my life story. –Tiffany

I wish I was more creative at managing my time. –Michell

I wish I was more creative at writing fiction and short stories. –Sedef

I wish I was more creative at finding activities to do with my little kids (2 and 3 years old, both girls). –Jacquelyn

I wish I was more creative musically!  I would have killed to be Joan Jett but sadly, I can’t sing, carry a tune or play an instrument!  EEK! –Stacey

I wish I was more creative in my time management and organizational skills so I would be able to live a very fun filled and creative lifestyle. –Njideka

I wish I was more creative at sex. No, really. I do. Been married for 17 years to the same wonderful & patient man, but it’s past time I learned to rev things up. –Kelly
(Gary’s note: Sorry Kelly it seems you were the only one honest enough and brave enough to post this one. Which is too bad. But I bet others are going to be creative now in that area)

I wish I was more creative at entertaining my 2 year old! –Lisa

I was more creative at decorating my home – I decorate ok, meaning my home is visibly nice looking but I cannot put random objects together to create a look that “aw’s” people.  I rely on my interior decorator neighbor to make my home better in spates…. –Nipa

I wish I was more creative at handling co-workers who aren’t respectful to be people on a professional level. I experience it at my current job, and I need to find creative ways to do it! –Sabrina

I wish I was more creative at how I spend my free time!  I live in a city with so much to offer, and only rarely do I get out of my cave to enjoy it. –Angie

I wish I could be more creative at “writing.”   Love to talk, hate to write…. –Sian

I wish I was more creative at small talk. While I think I’m a really interesting person, I always feel awkward talking to people I don’t know and end up babbling like an idiot. –Deb

I wish I was more creative at coming up with the right thing to say, note to write, stuff to bring to someone who is “dealing” with something.  Like if they’ve had surgery, or their dog died (or worse), or they broke up with their boyfriend.  I wish I could easily come up with something interesting or creative that would help them, or make them feel better. -Val

I wish I were more creative at songwriting. (maybe this will inspire me to do more than just make up lyrics to tunes using my toddler’s name) -Regina

I wish I was more creative at making spaces look nice. I have no idea how some people make their homes and yards so beautiful. -Bill

I wish I was more creative at playing. I feel like I’m stuck in a grown-up frame of mind when it comes to playing with my 9 year old daughter. I wish I could come up with more creative ways for us to play together and be more creative at the things we already do–namely, arts and crafts. -Leah

I wish I was more creative at coming up with titles for my books. I’ve written six books, a couple of best sellers and the hardest thing for me is what to call the darn things. So much hinges on if the potential reader likes the title and I fret over every one of my books because I struggle with the titles. -Yasmin

font styling. i’m a graphic designer with a minimalist style, but i always leave the fonts too clean… it’s getting boring and i need a shakeup! thank you for pushing me to say that out loud! it’s just a little thing, but it’s been bugging me. –Cynthia

Your welcome Cynthia, I’m here to help. Now all of you get to it!